Posted by: J Scott Schaffer, ChFC | August 10, 2007

Greetings! Welcome to the Bank Your Blessings site.

This is a place where you can gain a little information.


One of the purposes the Lord Jesus Christ gave us is to build His church.  The goal of this radio broadcast is to encourage sound Bible teaching in your local church.  If people hear the broadcast, they may begin to seek what God has to say about personal stewardship.

The Biblical Stewardship Series, which is adapted here for radio, is one of several series designed to be taught in your church.  I am happy to answer questions or to present this program to your church or Christian group if you want a guest speaker.  I am unaffiliated with


The broadcast, “Bank Your Blessings” can be heard weekdays, 6:30 a.m. and during the noon hour on WHVT – FM radio.

In the Clyde area: 90.5 FM           Findlay area: 94.1 FM Coshocton area :  89.5 FM

WHVT radio via the internet at




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